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PhD and young researchers network

Doktorandnätverk - CLOSER

In 2016, the Rescope network was started with the overall aim of increasing collaboration between academia and practice and to increase understanding of strategic issues in infrastructure and transport.

Rescope is aimed at PhD students and new researchers who are within five years of dissertation, and in some way perform research linked to the Swedish Transport Administration's responsibilities.

The network is a collaboration between CLOSER and the Swedish Transport Administration, which works to create long-term collaborations with universities across the country to collectively attract more skilled researchers over time. With Rescope, we want to give PhD students the opportunity to approach the practice and prepare for further research or future work in business and government. We see a major advantage in gathering interdisciplinary research and building relationships within the research, which can be combined with industry and society, for example through CLOSER's and the Swedish Transport Administration's network to address relevant challenges at a national and international level in the long term.

The goal is for PhD students and researchers to network with each other and for the Swedish Transport Administration and the industry to be able to gain clearer recipients of doctoral students' work and thereby enable better impact on the research results.

Some of the networks´s objectives are to:

  • Contribute to a practical and operational understanding of society's challenges for PhD students in the Swedish Transport Administration's responsibilities
  • Gathering and highlighting R&D initiatives in infrastructure and community building with doctoral students
  • Contribute to highlighting R&D needs, eg system-wide issues
  • Contribute to identifying direct and indirect results of research for increased utilization
  • Contribute to securing the supply of skills for the future challenges in infrastructure and transport
  • Promote collaboration between the Academy and the Swedish Transport Administration and facilitate the recruitment of disputed researchers at the Swedish Transport Administration and other actors

Planned activities:

  • Two meetings a year with contemporary keynotes, workshops, study visits and mingling activities
  • If interested and to the extent possible, mentors from the Swedish Transport Administration or other relevant partner are offered
  • Exchange of information between the meetings - mainly via LinkedIn

The communication regarding the activities organized within Rescope will be through e-mail and LinkedIn, where a closed group exists.

For further information, see also the Swedish Transport Administration

For more information, please contact: