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West Sweden invests in liquid biogas in heavy transport vehicles

Region Västra Götaland is investing about SEK 4.5 million in a development project that aims to coordinate, evaluate and provide information about a number of demonstrations of liquid biogas for trucks in West Sweden. Lindholmen Science Park is the project manager of this project through CLOSER.
Image: GKT

Liquid biogas is a fossil-free fuel that has immense potential to replace diesel. The project will demonstrate a potential change to transportation that has a very low environmental impact.

“Region Västra Götaland is strongly committed to biogas as part of its efforts to be a fossil fuel-independent region. That is why we are investing in biogas in heavy vehicles,” says Birgitta Losman, Chair of the Regional Development Committee.

Volvo has developed a new generation of gas-powered engines for heavy trucks. These vehicles are now being rolled out in the market and will be part of a number of demonstrations in West Sweden.

“With this project, we will be able to generate know-how and synergies between the various test and pilot activities in the region, and also nationally. Liquid biogas as a vehicle fuel will be evaluated from many different angles since industry companies, academia and the public sector are all involved,” says Peter Öhman, COO at Lindholmen Science Park, where the project is being managed through CLOSER, the national arena for increased transportation efficiency.

The companies participating in the demonstrations are making their own significant investments, either in vehicles or filing stations. The government will also provide support in the form of investment subsidies under the Klimatklivet initiative. One of the companies investing in liquid biogas for trucks is Götene Kyltransporter.

“We are making this investment to drive the change toward a fossil-free vehicle fleet. This is a huge step for us, and it is gratifying that we can also see growing interest in this issue among our transport buyers,” says Ulf Johansson, owner of Götene Kyltransporter, which was the first company in Sweden to have a truck powered by liquid biogas.

Liquid biogas from Lidköping that is produced from waste from the food industry in Skaraborg County will be used in the demonstrations.

“It is a great opportunity to demonstrate and evaluate the entire biogas value chain together with our new trucks for liquid biogas. It will benefit the switchover to climate-neutral transportation in Sweden and improve opportunities for us to export to Europe,” says Lars Mårtensson, Director Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks.

The following organizations are participating in the project, which will extend until 2021:

  • Volvo Trucks
  • FordonsGas Sverige
  • Gasum
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Lindholmen Science Park

Read the entire press release from Region Västra Götaland