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Transport efficiency from different perspectives is highlighted during TREFF

Meet one of the speakers at this year's edition of TREFF, which will be held as an online event for the first time. Rickard Gegö is CEO of the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies and will talk about transport efficiency from the perspective of various parties.

Who are you and what do you work with?
- "My name is Rickard Gegö and I'm CEO of the Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies. I am essentially a behavioural scientist with a great interest in challenges, new and old. I am also interested in hiking, nature, travel and fly fishing. I think that entrepreneurs are heroes and therefore I am not particularly thrilled with the envy that is part of the Jantelag."

-"The Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies organises around 5,300 haulage companies, mainly heavy commercial freight traffic on the road, with around 37,000 vehicles. We are located throughout the country and have an office in Brussels that we share with Norway, Denmark and Finland. Through Sweden's Brussels office, we also work closely with France and Germany."

-"We work with some of the industry's most important issues, which are skills provision, the transition to fossil freedom, the availability of biofuels, profitability and competitiveness, traffic safety and the fact that transport procurement for freight traffic takes place through"

Why do you think it is important to be part of a conference like TREFF?
- "It is important to participate in the conference because the transition to a low-carbon society requires private and public collaboration. We believe those of us who represent road traffic have an important role to play in this transition. All modes of transport are needed and complementary to each other. A holistic approach is required and I think it is important that Sweden retains its position with world-class logistics. The transition to a low-carbon society is not a trend, but rather a fact-based truth about which something can actually be done with good leadership and shared efforts. However, it will not happen by itself and system changes are needed."

What will you talk about during TREFF?
- "Together with transport colleagues, I'm going to talk about transport efficiency from the perspectives of various parties. What is done and what can we do to facilitate increased efficiency? What are the low-hanging fruits, what can we already do now and what do we need help with from the public?"


TREFF is organized by CLOSER, Northern Lead and Region Jönköpings län.
We carefully and continuously monitor the updates of the Covid-19 authorities and follow their recommendations. With this background, we now choose to implement TREFF digitally.