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The Swedish Energy Agency new financier - strengthens investment in sustainable e-commerce

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

ASTER, Alliance for Sustainable E-commerce, was started in the autumn of 2021 with funding from Vinnova and is now receiving increased support from the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose of ASTER is to enable Sweden to become the first in the world with a competitive, efficient and sustainable e-commerce, by supporting the industry in the work of solve complex sustainability challenges.

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We are extremely happy to have both Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency as financiers within ASTER. It gives us the power to strengthen the efforts that are already underway, but also to work more focused with the network for sustainability labels. We will also be able to give the industry increased support in applying for state funding for its conversion work, says Josephine Darlington, responsible for ASTER at Lindholmen Science Park.

Within ASTER, more than 60 partners are involved, who work in joint initiatives for more sustainable e-commerce. ASTER is a neutral player in the development of e-commerce initiatives and together with Svensk Digital Handel, a large number of carriers and e-retailers, an industry agreement for fossil-free deliveries has been drawn up.

We at the Swedish Energy Agency, together with the industry players in our work with the sector strategies, have seen that we must make e-commerce and the new city logistics as energy efficient as possible, as early as possible. We see that it is collaboration that is needed to get there can be done through ASTER. Hopefully, our support means even more exciting collaborative projects and that the network around sustainability labels can continue to develop, says Olov Åslund, administrator of the unit for mobility, the Swedish Energy Agency.

- We are pleased that more players see the importance to increase ASTER's opportunities to support the e-commerce industry in its work. There is a great desire to work for sustainable solutions and the industry has come a long way on its own. Now we can further scale up the work with the industry agreement for fossil-free delivery and enable more collaborations, says Per Ljungberg, CEO, Svensk Digital Handel


ASTER is an initiative that aims for every e-commerce delivery in Sweden to contribute to a vibrant society and be sustainable. ASTER is funded by Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency and run jointly by Lindholmen Science Park AB and Lund University

Feel free to contact us if you want to get involved in ASTER

Josephine Darlington

Josephine Darlington

Project manager
City logistics, e-commerce