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Sustainable Logistics System Through Longer Trucks

Potential societal and transport efficiency benefits of introducing longer trucks, also known as High Capacity Transport (HCT), for local distribution and deliveries of goods to the nearest combined terminal are being investigated in an ongoing project, HCT Intermodal.

This is a feasibility study that aims to provide an improved view of cost implications, and environmental impacts, especially reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, of a large-scale introduction of longer trucks in parts of the Swedish logistics system.

Interviews are being conducted with industry partners such as logistics companies and terminal providers at relevant transshipment nodes and a review of previous HCT demonstration tests will also be included. Freight volumes and flows will be determined to create a holistic overview of market needs. 

Project goal

The objective is to strengthen efficiency and competitiveness of combined transports through longer trucks on roads in combinations with rail transportations. 

Why combined transportation?

To achieve sustainable long-haul transportations, it is crucial to combine different transportation modes in an optimized mix, where each transportation mode is used where best fitted, and a smooth transition in-between each transportation mode is secured. The purpose with combined transportation is cost efficiency, decreased environmental impact, and reduced number of vehicles on roads. 

Who will conduct this study?

The main contributors to the study will be two Master’s students, Franca Hiemisch and Ricardo Vaz, at Logistics and Transport Management at the University of Gothenburg, in collaboration with CLOSER

Project partners

Other partners are Jula Logistics, Båramo Kombiterminal, Eskilstuna Logistik, Sundsvalls Logistikpark, Region Örebro Län, GDL, Greencarrier, NLC Storumanterminalen, Sandahls Goods & Parcels, RealRail and INAB Umeå.

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