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Several new projects in the CLOSER portfolio

During the autumn of 2020, several new projects began under the umbrella of the CLOSER programme. These projects cover a wide range of areas and span the entire programme from rail developments to sustainable e-commerce.

Sustainable e-commerce of the future will identify what is needed to ensure the sustainable development of e-commerce logistics systems. In the longer term this will lead to new and improved delivery solutions which reduce the impact of e-commerce on the environment and also make effective use of urban spaces.

BoostLog aims to increase the impact of research and innovation (R&I) investments. It will help to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of companies in order to create added value for society and contribute to the EU’s climate neutrality policies.

FR8RAIL IV is part of Shift2Rail and will further develop technologies that are relevant to the rail industry. The objective of the project is to contribute to the overarching goals identified by all the members of Shift2Rail in order to make rail freight more attractive.

Scandinavian charging infrastructure for electric trucks will create a network of stakeholders and organisations to identify common requirements and share knowledge about current and future regulations, financial incentives, system solutions, services and products for electrified trucks.

Rail-Road Terminal Collaborative Decision-Making (RRTCDM) covers the import and export flows of two intermodal terminals: Jönköping and Nässjö. RRTCDM aims to gain experience of intermodal terminals in order to promote a general understanding of the collaborative decision-making concept.