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New Service Provider for Lindholmen Deliveries

Renova Miljö AB is the new service provider for Lindholmen deliveries. It is a service for combined shipping of goods, recycling and waste for the purpose of reducing heavy transport in the urban environment. 'We have worked hard in the procurement process in order to guarantee that the service will continue to develop over the term of the agreement,' says Louise Larsson, project manager at Älvstranden Utveckling.
Louise Larsson, Älvstranden Utveckling
Photo: Älvstranden Utveckling

Gothenburg City has ambitious climate goals and Lindholmen deliveries are part of the work with more sustainable mobility. When the service was introduced in 2018, the heavy cargo and waste transport on Campus Lindholmen was reduced by 80 per cent, because traditional lorries were replaced by coordinated deliveries with electrified mini-trucks.

-" When it was time to revisit the service procurement process, we realised that there were major opportunities for new, more effective solutions. We have ensured that the service provider follows technological developments over the term of the contract and does not rely on strictly one specific system, which is modern at the start of the contract, but can become antiquated over time," says Louse Larsson, project manager at Älvstranden Utveckling.

Innovative Procurement

In order to find the right service provider, the city used an innovative procurement process with two-stage negotiations. An unusual process in which the goal - what the service would contribute - has been described, but the implementation was not entirely specified. 

-"In order to promote sustainable urban development, we must consciously establish challenging procurement requirements. In doing so, we can address complex social challenges and simultaneously promote innovation by demanding or allowing new solutions. That leaves room for the market to develop," says Christine Olofsson at Älvstranden Utveckling.

Current for other districts and municipalities

A successful procurement process meant a contract worth millions for Renova Miljö, which will start on 1 January 2020. New solutions will be developed and implemented continuously over the term of the agreement.

-"We will provide a modern and organised microterminal for recycling, waste and cargo logistics. The vision is that the concept will be able to expand to several districts in Gothenburg and we can also see that other municipalities are in need of the exact same arrangement," says Mattias Carlberg, salesman at Renova Miljö AB.

Driving Development

Älvstranden Utveckling was in charge of the procurement process in close collaboration with the City of Gothenburg's waste and water management department Kretslopp och Vatten and the Traffic Administration Office. The method with innovative procurement within urban development is also part of the project DenCity that is run by CLOSER, wherein sustainable public transportation and cargo transport are developed and tested.

-"The collaboration has made a difference. Collective freight is not a standard solution and a procurement process with the correctly formulated requirements is a key element that consistently promotes change in the city. It influences not only the city's own purchasing, but also other parties' choices when functions and services are made available as alternatives on the market," says Louise Larsson.