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New senior advisor with a focus on Long-distance multimodal freight transport

In October, it became clear that Erik Bransell will be loaned by the Swedish Transport Administration of 20-30 percent to shoulder the role of senior advisor at CLOSER. In parallel with Erik's involvement in CLOSER, Erik works as a strategist at the central function Strategic Development within the Swedish Transport Administration.

Erik has a master´s degree from the University of Gothenburg and currently works in Borlänge. From the mid-1990s, Erik has mainly worked with overall planning issues where the role of transport infrastructure as well as passenger travel and freight transport has been in focus. The interest in these issues has led Erik to gather experience from the state, region and municipality, but he has also worked as a consultant.

Erik, who has been at CLOSER for a couple of months, says that he is impressed by the competence and the network of contacts that CLOSER offers. What Erik sees that he can contribute is to see research efforts based on the needs and driving forces of different actors and how it in turn interacts with societal development. To both be able to work with identifying relevant research questions and see the questions answered, attracts Erik. Both the process and the thing are exciting, he says at the same time as he points out that CLOSER provides space for both questions.

In addition to his role at CLOSER, Erik works within the Swedish Transport Administration with questions about, among other things, innovation procurement for active safe travel and as a program manager within the Environmental Objectives Council.