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New senior advisor with a focus on logistics with a focus on transport

Jonas Böös has been a new senior advisor at CLOSER since the autumn and contributes with insight and knowledge of logistics issues with a focus on transport. In addition to his new role at CLOSER, Jonas works as a logistics consultant.
Jonas Böös

Over the past 25 years, Jonas has gained experience in many processes in logistics with a strong focus on transport at several major organizations. Jonas has had roles as operational, but also as strategic logistics manager in management function. He has also been responsible for projects focusing on logistics development. This has included transport optimization and the development of strategic distribution structures.

At CLOSER, Jonas will work part-time as a senior advisor, other times he works as a logistics consultant in his own business.

- What I look forward to is to be able to participate and contribute and share my experience when it comes to creating the sustainable freight transport system of the future, says Jonas.