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New Project Manager with a Focus on Social and Mobility Issues

Rodrigue Al Fahel works within CLOSER and coordinates the research and innovation programme Geofencing, a national initiative that should function as a facilitator and centre of knowledge for parties within the community and commercial sector with respect to Geofencing.
Rodrigue Al Fahel

Rodrigue is a trained environmental scientist specialised in cultural geography with a Master's degree in knowledge-based entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg. With an interest for and knowledge of social and mobility issues and innovation, he is ready to contribute his expertise for new approaches and new sustainability perspectives in order to drive CLOSER ahead.

He also manages MIMIC, an EU project with four participating countries: Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Austria and expands on a concept developed earlier called SMART Governance that was created within the CIVIC project. The goal of MIMIC is to demonstrate the concept that should function as a tool to facilitate urban and construction planning processes for logistics to and from the building site.

In addition to his role at CLOSER, Rodrigue also works within another programme at Lindholmen Science Park called ElectriCity, which is a collaboration between the City of Gothenburg, academics and the commercial sector focussed on the future's electrified transport.