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Kristoffer Skjutare becomes acting programme manager of CLOSER

Kristoffer Skjutare will be the acting programme manager of CLOSER until the summer of 2021 while the current programme manager Lina Moritz takes parental leave.

Kristoffer has been responsible for the CLOSER focus area Long-distance multimodal freight transport for some time. He has also worked on other projects concerning intermodal transport, such as COMBINE and Multimodal information sharing.

"Taking on the role of acting programme manager for CLOSER will be an exciting challenge and one that I will share with all my fantastic colleagues in the programme office. My aim over the coming months is to continue to lead and develop CLOSER in collaboration with its existing and future partners and to improve the efficiency of transport systems on a national and international scale," said Kristoffer.

"You can always contact us at CLOSER via all the digital channels and my hope is that in future we will be able to meet face to face so that we can work together to develop interesting and exciting innovations which will support the transition of the freight transport system to a resource-efficient, fossil-free and socially sustainable industry," continued Kristoffer.