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The keys are communication and cooperation – sustainable logistics & transportation

Representatives of the DenCity and CIVIC transportation and logistics projects, together with various ongoing urban development projects, such as Ulleråker in Uppsala, met to exchange experiences and discuss shared challenges in the field.

The meeting was held in Stockholm Royal Seaport. In addition to seminars and discussions, we paid a study visit to the construction logistics center where consolidated shipments and advanced goods planning take place every hour, every day. The purpose of the logistics center is to minimize vehicle numbers, enable delivery control, reduce wastage and improve the work environment, etc.

Cities face similar challenges in achieving sustainable transportation, there are many synergies to capitalize on and many opportunities and solutions were circulated at this meeting. There was complete agreement that communication and sharing experiences are important cornerstones in achieving successful projects and not reinventing the wheel. But it was also said that we need to be brave enough to test and not analyze for all eternity. Instead we can learn from our mistakes and successes, learn valuable lessons and make the next project even better. 

“How it all works in reality – when the strategic targets trickle down to the users – is the most important thing, not what’s on paper,” says Anders Ivarsson, site manager of the construction logistics center in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

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