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If you are hesitating to buy an electric truck, don't hesitate too long!

Monday, May 1, 2023

In this film, you can listen to why Martin & Servera and Dagab think it is worth it for more haulage companies to dare to try electrifying their refrigerated and frozen transports. You also get to take part in the benefits from the perspective of a customer, a city and a driver.

"We have been driving with the electric trucks for two years now and there are far fewer problems than we could ever imagine. Because when you release a new fuel, there are usually big break-in problems, but this has worked perfectly so far. The electric trucks are now available, there is nothing to wait for!"

Krister Kjellström, Dagab

- Those of you who are hesitating whether it is worth getting an electric truck or not, don't hesitate too long.

Håkan Ekmyr, Martin & Servera

The customer is represented by Martin Wall, Fotografiska, the city's perspective is represented by Robin Billsjö, the City of Stockholm, and the driver is Janni Pedersen, who usually drives a truck for Dagab.

REEL receives co-financing from the programme FFI through Vinnova,  Energimyndigheten and Trafikverket.

REEL is a national initiative where leading Swedish actors have joined forces to accelerate the transition to electrified, emission-free heavy transport on our roads. Within the venture, we establish, run and evaluate around 60 different regional logistics flows in varying types of driving assignments. REEL brings together transport buyers, forwarders and distributors, haulage companies, terminal operators, charging point operators, electricity grid companies and suppliers of trucks, charging equipment and management systems. In addition, regions, national authorities and universities participate in this initiative.

Du you want to know more about REEL?

Andreas Josefsson

Andreas Josefsson

Focus area manager energy supply
Energy supply & Electromobility
Nikita Zaiko

Nikita Zaiko

Project manager
Energy supply & Electromobility


Together we electrify Sweden's truck transports!