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Helsingborg Municipality becomes a partner in CLOSER

It has now been decided that Helsingborg Municipality is to become a partner in CLOSER. Helsingborg is one of Sweden’s fastest growing cities and serves as a key logistics hub due to its strategic location. The city has assumed a position as an e-tailing center, with its E-commerce Park, a high density of e-tailers and university courses related to e-tailing, technology development and digitization.

“I was in touch with CLOSER earlier, but we were not ready for it then,” says Linda Bermin,

hbg_logo_staende_2_0.jpgwho runs the focus network Leveranser i en tät stad (“Deliveries in a dense city”). “Now we have become bolder and there is strong support from management and among politicians.”

“We want to be part of the development; we are bold enough to test new things and want to push in the right direction. We are using the opportunities provided by digitization to make it as easy as possible for those who live and work here. We have worked with open data for a long time and regard it as self-evident,” says Linda.

“I believe we have an important role in cooperating with other players to find climate-smart solutions for goods transports, not only for the benefit of the business community, but also to create a high living standard for the city’s residents. We have joined CLOSER to become inspired and to meet exciting people. I hope that the network will lead to us finding partners who, with our support, will test new solutions in Helsingborg,” Linda continues.

We want to give a warm welcome to Helsingborg Municipality as a partner and look forward to an exciting collaboration,” says Sofie Vennersten, Program Manager at CLOSER.