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The Get Greener project will identify measures for greening of transport

Get Greener is a new project that picks up where the Swiftly Green project left off. After two years of work Swiftly Green presented 130 concrete measures that can contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while supporting the development of transport corridors in Europe. The Get Greener project aims to develop packages of measures by using the toolbox of Swiftly Green in order to identify, analyse and test various solutions that can contribute to a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor is the focus area of locating measures, but the cases does not need to start and finish within the corridor. 

By working with companies and cases in operation today, the project will investigate the greening potential of the identified action and how close it is to implementation. The greening potential will be evaluated on a micro perspective. i.e. the effect of on the case. But also on a macro perspective, i.e. the effect on the corridor.

The project is financed by the Swedish Transport Administration and will be finalized in March 2017.

Project participants: 
Örebro University, CLOSER, Network for Transport Measures (NTM) and the Swedish Transport Administration.