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Geofencing pilot in national news broadcast by TV4

Friday, May 31, 2024

In Enköping, a test to reduce traffic speed using geofencing is underway during the spring of 2024. The test includes about a hundred vehicles and involves the municipality, public transport and a number of freight carriers. CLOSER is the project manager and in connection to a demo event on 3 June, TV4Nyheterna made a feature about the project.

Lastbilschaufför i sin bil

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In the feature, driver Simon Söderlund from the local transport company Småfrakt is interviewed, and he is in favour of driving with a geographical speed limit.

“We drive around in big and heavy cars and it's bad advertising for the company if we drive too fast past schools and inside residential areas,” says Simon Söderlund.

Christian Howard from the project's academic partner VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, is also featured in the programme and explains how the systems installed in the vehicles correspond to the predetermined zones where different speed limits apply. 

“I think the car is quite a dangerous consumer product and I would like to see more systems that help the driver to stay within the speed limit,” says Christian Howard.

Geofencing technology or ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance) is available either as an built in option in the Volvo and Scania vehicles involved in the project, or via an installed third-party solution supplied by Dutch company V-tron in the cars that do not have the option. 

Maurizio Freddo, traffic planner at Enköping Municipality, hopes the project will lead to a safer and calmer traffic situation in the city.

“It is enough for a small number of vehicles to keep to the speed limit for other traffic to slow down,” he says.

On June 3, the project will be demonstrated in Enköping, with a seminar, a test ride in a speed-limited bus and a vehicle exhibition in the town square.

The HasT project is funded by Skyltfonden and is a collaboration between ten partners representing the entire transport value chain, from municipalities and public transport to freight carriers and technology suppliers. The project manager is CLOSER and the other partners are: Enköping Municipality, VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute), V-tron, Keolis, Martin & Servera, Småfrakt, Dagab, Enköpings Åkeri and Allmiljö.

Kompassen, Kaptensgatan 4, Enköping

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