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Geofencing – new tool in town!

The first geofencing applications appear in city streets: hybrid vehicles are turned to electric mode within specific areas, and speed is limited close to schools. Within this frame, forty European experts met 29 May in Gothenburg to discuss geofencing and see the technology in action.
Lina Olsson, moderator at the seminar, Program Manager CLOSER

Questions addressed: How is the technology evolving, what is the expected market uptake, and how can cities use this in planning and managing traffic? Furthermore, what is the role of the cities, what challenges are posed and what are the next steps?

"In 2017, the Swedish government initiated a project to create safer and more climate-smart cities using geofencing technology. Due to this we have a national arena in place for strategic collaboration. The workshop today is an important step towards intensifying the collaboration, on matters such as harmonisation of policy and technology on the international level", says Lina Moritz Program Manager at CLOSER, that coordinates the Swedish R&I platform for geofencing.

Read the full article and download the presentations here