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Electric Trucks Now in Use in Traffic

Volvo Trucks has not delivered its first two fully electric vehicles – a dust cart to waste management and recycling company Renova and a delivery truck to logistics company DB Schenker and partner carrier TGM. The two electric trucks will now be put into traffic in Gothenburg.

This was initially a pilot test made possible thanks to collaboration between Volvo Trucks, Coop and DB Schenker, TGM within the DenCity project managed by CLOSER. 

The objective of the collaborative project between industry, universities and the community is to take a comprehensive approach to finding new, smart and sustainable forms of transportation for dense urban areas that are attractive areas in which to frequent and reside.

'The customer pilots give answers as to how the new technology is received by the customer and how we can best adapt the product to the customer's requirements," explains Fredrik Cederstav, Volvo Trucks, who is project manager for the group responsible for the pilot.

During the launch event on 19 February, multiple representatives from the Volvo Group spoke. This includes Volvo Trucks CEO Roger Alm, who said that in step with the technology becoming a competitive alternative for more customers, Volvo will continue to develop the offering for electric propulsion. 

Among the advantages of an electric truck is the absence of engine noise and exhaust gases, which contributes to a better work environment and a quieter, cleaner urban environment. 

'Electricity will play a key role in the conversion to a more sustainable society. It is also necessary to have a good and close collaboration between all parties in order to achieve this conversion. This includes suppliers, such as Volvo in this case, and freight carriers and customers. For this reason, we have chosen to be a part of CLOSER, a collaborative platform where industry, the community and universities can meet. The pilot takes place within the framework of DenCity, which also makes it possible to look at areas beyond the actual truck, such as the charging infrastructure and the administration," says Inger Uhrdin, Head of Divisional Services at DB Schenker. 

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