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Digital translators create conditions for better communication in the transport and logistics sector

The collaborative project Multimodal Information Sharing has got Vinnova's continued trust in driving the development of an information sharing service for more efficient communication in industrial transport and logistics flows, and CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park will lead the partnership in the project.

Multimodal information sharing is now proceeding to the next phase and the project will now demonstrate the system service as proposed in preliminary studies. The system service is based on a translator between the IT environments of different organisation and the variety of formats and standards that currently limit communication between organisations. Read more about the preliminary study

The demonstration will be implemented in an operational environment and has the objective of improving communication between transport purchasers, road transport operators and carriers by linking the right information - for implementation of the supply chain - between respective participants' business systems.

The project will also clarify the ideas which have been developed with respect to organisation, control (governance) and, not lastly, confidence (security) in data exchange. The project will also seek alternative sources of information which can be added to the information which is already currently available for planning, control and implementation of logistics and transport activities.

In order to implement this, the Efficient Flow project (lake and harbour terminal data) and the Intelligent Video Gate project (railway and terminal data) will collaborate.

The project will proceed from December 2018 to February 2020 with a total budget of SEK 3,750,000. The project is headed by CLOSER in cooperation with Sandvik ABGeodis ABEricsson ABthe Swedish Maritime Administrationthe Swedish Transport Administration and RISE

The Multimodal Information Sharing project is financed by VINNOVA in the scope of the collaboration programme of the Government Offices of Sweden - The Next Generation's Travel and Transport and CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park will lead the project. Read more about the project here