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DenCity's solutions will be attractive and accessible to everyone

A workshop on social sustainability was held during the consortium meeting in DenCity held on 7 May. 'Social sustainability is something that many people find somewhat vague, probably because there is no clear definition,' says Frida Åberg, head of urban development for the City of Gothenburg, who held the workshop.

The analysis model used on 7 May is a tool that makes it possible to take a perspective based on people's different life situations and needs when a physical change should be implemented. Social Consequence Analysis and Child Consequence Analysis are the tools which were used and have a proven track record in the City of Gothenburg, among other places. The model is used to gain increased knowledge about the place and in order to identify important social aspects which need to be addressed in the planning work. It is also used to develop measures/proposals and to consistently describe various proposals for change.

The urban planning office works to create a cohesive city that promotes good health with room for interaction, and which facilitates the possibility of developing a positive identity and living in a good everyday life independently of life situation.

"The goal of DenCity's solutions is that they are attractive and accessible to everyone in the densely-populated city. For this reason, it is important to open your eyes and look beyond your own target group and life situation in order to understand how the solutions in the project can affect the interaction and cohesion in peoples' everyday lives," explains Andreas Josefsson, DenCity Project Manager at CLOSER. 

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