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Companies that are competing with solutions to mitigate the fossil footprint of e-commerce

Five impressive entries will be competing to find solutions in the e-commerce industry that contribute to mitigating its fossil footprint in the spring of 2020. The Jury, which consists of organisations from academia, society and the business community includes, among others, H&M, which recognises the importance of innovation in achieving ambitious environmental goals.
FFF Challenge 2020

In Sweden, e-commerce has increased by 13% during 2019 with a total turnover of SEK 87 billion. 

In the face of tough competition and consumer demands for quick deliveries, there is a growing need for freight transport, which will of course increase CO2 emissions.

Fossil Free Freight Challenge 2020 is the innovation competition that can help solve part of the problem. The competition will see five organisations in the e-commerce sector create solutions that produce the smallest possible fossil footprint!

The teams compete with innovations that could, for example, make packages less bulky, but also with ideas that are aimed at encouraging more sustainable consumer behaviour or streamlining both long and short distance shipments in the logistics chain.

Read about some of the entries:

The project has nine partners, including The City of Gothenburg and H&M Group, who regard the development of the sustainability aspect of e-commerce as a necessity. 

“For the H&M group, it feels natural to participate in the formulation of the competition and to be on the jury in the Fossil Free Freight Challenge 2020. We have set ambitious environmental goals and innovation is an integral part of the equation to achieving these goals. We look forward to identifying exciting new solutions that create the smallest possible fossil footprint! With our size and reach we can get involved and lead the change ,” says Lina Ödeen , Global Sustainability Manager, H&M Group Logistics.

“E-commerce signifies a structural transformation for stores, businesses and individuals and impacts the flow of goods in the city. These changes are revolutionary and we need to identify solutions that allow Gothenburg to continue to develop in a sustainable way with good accessibility to include different types of freight deliveries,” says Malin Broqvist Andersson, City of Gothenburg Traffic Administration Office.