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Collective transport and collaboration with a focus on Sustainable transport

How do we make freight transport efficient in terms of transport and energy through collaboration? During the 'Sustainable Transport' conference arranged by IVL, CLOSER participated in a seminar on the importance of collective transport. The seminar was broadcast on SVT Forum and can be viewed here.

Sweden will be one of the world's first countries free from fossil fuels. The goal is clear and collaboration is the key to success in environmental work. Pure technology and renewable fuels are a good start, but they will only take us part of the way. This places considerable demands on the collaboration and cooperation between the various partners involved in the logistics chain.

When IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute arranged the 'Sustainable Transport' conference, Jonas Eriksson from CLOSER was one of the participating presenters.

The seminar was broadcast in its entirety on SVT Forum. You can see and hear what Jonas had to say on the topic of 'Efficient transport of goods through collaboration.' How do we proceed from strategies to workshop?"

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion with Olof Bohlin, coordinator of the commission at the Central Administrative Organisation for Consolidated Distribution of Goods (CFVO), the municipalities of Södertörn, and Anders Roth, mobility expert at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

See the seminar on SVT Forum here

The 'Sustainable Transport' conference is an important gathering place for inspiration, meeting and joining forces in sustainable transport matters and dealt with topics such as influence on the environment, fuel, parking and mobility services. 

closer_ivl1.pngOlof Bohlin, municipalities of Södertörn, Anders Roth, mobility expert at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and the collaboration's importance during the 2018 'Sustainable Transport' conference.