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CLOSER takes part in EU rail conference

The Shift2Rail Innovation Days were held on 22 to 23 October. This is an event that focuses on the European rail system and the innovations that can be introduced to improve and develop it. CLOSER presented the FR8HUB project together with the Swedish Transport Administration, Deutsche Bahn and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm.

The aim of FR8HUB is develop technologies for the European rail network and investigate how they can be implemented strategically in the rail industry. FR8HUB will come to an end in the winter, but some of the technologies that have emerged from the project will be developed further in other Shift2Rail projects. 

Anna Björkman, the CLOSER project leader, acted as the moderator of the FR8HUB session from Lindholmen Science Park, together with Jan Bergstrand, IP5 manager of Shift2Rail in Sweden from the Swedish Transport Administration, and Anders Ekmark, strategic planner and project leader at the Swedish Transport Administration. They presented the technologies and results from the eight work packages that make up FR8HUB and reflected on the vision for Innovation Programme 5, which FR8HUB is part of.

"The Shift2Rail Innovation Days are an important event where we can share experiences and take part in discussions about the opportunities and challenges facing the rail system. It is good that CLOSER can play an active role in such a major event and present the results of the projects we are involved in and are coordinating," said Anna Björkman.

The FR8HUB session was praised by the international partners and organisers for its high standard of planning and implementation.

"We aim to introduce as many benefits as possible and to achieve the vision behind Shift2Rail. Occasions like this are essential for reinforcing the results and increasing the expertise of technical specialists and strategists so that we can create a safe and sustainable rail network in Europe," continued Anna.

It is hoped that the next Shift2Rail event will take place in Brussels.

Watch the videos of the event here