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In a city on people’s terms

Thursday, February 17, 2022

By using geofencing, a tool for a digitally defined geographical area and rules for vehicles to follow, it is possible to create more flexible cities where vehicles move on people’s terms. For you who are a traffic-, city planner, transporter, haulage or product owner who feels that this can be something for your city or organization, here you can see and hear about the possibilities with geofencing.

closes urbana

In Smart urban traffic zones, we test sensors and connected vehicles for speed control both inside cities and on construction sites. Smart urban traffic zones also review the rules, specifications and requirements that exist today to enable future implementation of the tool, but also ensure that the tool is easy to integrate into the road managers' existing systems.

All with the goal of creating a more accessible city, fewer casualties and increased flexibility in the use of the urban environment.

How can road safety increase in central parts of cities?

On Hornsgatan, Södermalm, in the middle of central Stockholm, speed control of trucks delivering goods is being tested. It is investigated how traffic safety and interaction between road users and trucks can be improved, by connecting sensors in the street environment together with connected trucks.

The City of Stockholm is a platform for innovation, and here on Hornsgatan we are testing a dynamic system that involves more flexible use and regulation of the city's surfaces on the city's own terms. It means a safer and more vibrant city, for all of us who live here.

Victoria Herslöf, Trafikkontoret, Stockholms stad

Listen to some of the partners who are and have been a part of testing this!

How to create a safer environment for cyclists at construction sites?

At construction exits, there is a risk of collision between heavy vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists.

Just a short distance outside Gothenburg, a dynamic warning system has been tested within Smart Urban Traffic Zones, which contributes to increased safety, but also other measures what makes the traffic situation clearer, safer and more easily accessible. With a focus on the safety of cyclists.

The industry itself cannot formulate both the challenges and the solutions when the entire traffic system is to be digitized. Therefore, we at the traffic office need to be involved and define the needs we see needed so that the solutions that are developed become useful.

Jonas Malmryd, Trafikkontoret, Göteborgs stad


Listen to some of the partners that are part of this test!