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Innovation zone Hornsgatan

Lastbil på trafikerad gata

The demonstration Innovation zone Hornsgatan was carried out on Hornsgatan in Stockholm, where dynamically speed-controlled distribution vehicles, which deliver food to shops and restaurants in the area, were included in the test. The speed regulation of the vehicles aimed to increase traffic safety and was based on the number of pedestrians moving in the area. Within this demonstration, a loading zone was also equipped with a sensor that generated data on how the surface is used.

Lastbil står vid sidan av väg

What are the results?

The result shows that it is technically possible to create a smart zone for dynamic speed control. The drivers of the vehicles tested were mostly positive about the system, however there were some minor speeding violations within the zone. This is probably due to the zone being too small or the traffic conditions in the tested area. In order to be able to say with certainty what effects the application has on traffic safety, the solution would need to be tested in more places, as well as with more participating vehicles to collect more data. The information that the connected loading bay provides has given the city of Stockholm new ideas regarding how the planning and use of the street space can be developed for a more dynamic use. Smart urban traffic zones have also explored how such a smart zone could be implemented by requiring speed enforcement or geofencing in procurement of coordinated goods distribution.

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Victoria Herslöf

Victoria Herslöf

Stockholms stad