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High Capacity Transport (HCT)

Greater use of HCT vehicles would increase energy efficiency and infrastructural capacity, as well as cut CO2 emissions. We are responsible for an R&I program referred to as HCT (High Capacity Transport), designed to create a comprehensive solution based on previous experiments with long,heavy trucks.

CLOSER is responsible for running the HCT program, which comprises 11 work packages as shown in the figure below. CLOSER is also responsible for the International Cooperation work package. Within this work package, CLOSER has set up an international collaborative group together with the ITF (International Transport Forum), which is part of the OECD. The work will take place mainly in 2016 and 2017.

To control the HCT program, we have a working group that convenes four meetings annually in which both those responsible for each work package and other members of CLOSER participate.

We have also developed a roadmap for HCT with a series of measures to be implemented in the coming years.

The following are part of the working group:
Petter Åsman, Trafikverket
Thomas Asp, CLOSER/Trafikverket
Jerker Sjögren, Jesjo Konsult
Kjell Håkansson, Coop
Anders Johnson, RISE/SP
Ida Jonsson, DB Schenker
Caroline Montini, DB Schenker
Jonas Gadolin, Volvo
Lena Larsson, Volvo
Sofie Vennersten, CLOSER
Sten Wandel, Lunds universitet
Patrik Rydén, Lunds Universitet
Maxim Miterev, KTH
Andreas Feldmann, KTH
Linda Svensson, Region Örebro Län
Fabian Ilgner, Region Örebro Län
Rikard Lannemyr, Sweco
Sara Ranäng, Sweco
Maria Nilsson-Öhman, DHL
Jesper Sandin, SAFER/VTI
Pär Ekström, Transportstyrelsen
Emil Pettersson, Volvo
Henrik von Hofsten, Skogforsk
Magnus Thor, Skogforsk
Sogol Kharrazi, VTI
Kent Lumsden, Chalmers
Ulf Ceder, Scania
Stefan Myhrberg, Ericsson




Associated projects


  • DUO2 (Swedish only)

    DUO2 was an HCT (High Capacity Transit) project. We develop and carry out experiments on the Gothenburg-Malmö/Helsingborg route via the E6 between Schenker’s terminals in each city. Trial combinations included "DUO trailer" (a tractor, semitrailer dolly and a semitrailer), 32 meters long, and a "DUO-trailer" (Truck and 2 trailers), 27.3 meters long. Trucks and a single trailer were also used for distributing and picking up during daylight hours in Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg.

  • ETT - a path to a bio-based societ (Swedish only)

    The forest products industry faces the challenge of reducing carbon emissions without losing competitiveness. More energy-efficient road transport, featuring heavier and longer vehicles, is part of the solution.

  • San Demo project (Swedish only)

    The San Demo project compiles information about all HCT trucks active in Sweden. The project manages and disseminates information about HCT vehicles to interested trucking companies and transport organizations.

  • VETT (Swedish only)

    VETT (Swedish acronym of “Volvo Takes an Extra Pile”) was an HCT project. We developed and conducted experiments on the Överkalix - Piteå route via the E10 and E4 between SCA's timber terminals using 90-ton combinations (truck-dolly- link-semitrailer) and 70 to 74-ton vehicles for round-log application combinations with and without cranes, tractors and trucks. It was important to have a number of combinations to ensure that the basis for the regulations and technical solutions relating to the 74-ton vehicles are as favorable as possible.



  • Roadmap HCT road

    Published 29 May 2019
    View (pdf 815.92 KB)

Do you want to know more about HCT?

  • Thomas Asp
    Project Manager
    HCT (High Capacity Transport), which includes connected vehicles, logistics solutions, system power