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Nordic HCT Annual Conference 2020

22 October 2020 09:00 to 16:00
ONLINE & Pascal, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg
For the seventh year, CLOSER is organizing a Nordic conference on High Capacity Transport (HCT).

This year's Nordic HCT conference will be on October 22, with the possiblity to both participate physically at Lindholmen in Gothenburg and via the web. The conference will mainly report on what is happening in the Nordic region, but initially we will also get a European perspective on the challenges we need to solve in order to meet the environmental goals that we have. In addition, several pilot projects will be presented with everything from intermodal transport arrangements to how to fill HCT vehicles together via horizontal collaboration.

High Capacity Transport refers to the introduction of vehicles and vehicle combinations with higher capacity than is permitted today. This also includes how to combine infrastructure and vehicles in a better way, for example by combining connected vehicles, Performance based standards and multimodal solutions sometimes called Intelligent Access.

The conference reports on the latest that has happened in research, experiences from experiments and implementation in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

We will also do international outlooks as a lot is happening in the rest of Europe!

All powerpoint slides will be in English, but the speakers will choose whether they speak English or Swedish / Scandinavia.

Agenda and registration


We closely and continuously follow the authorities' updates regarding Covid-19 and follow their recommendations
Arranged by CLOSER vid Lindholmen Science Park.