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Do you also want to contribute to more efficient transport?

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We are looking for organizations eager to drive change—together for a more efficient transport system. 

As a partner in CLOSER, you have the opportunity to explore and realize ideas alongside like-minded organizations. You will be part of a powerful and skilled network, all working towards a more efficient transport society.

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CLOSER is an important player in Sweden for all of us who want to push for a transition to sustainable transport. By being active in innovation projects and taking part in CLOSER's active network, we can both gain new insights, share new knowledge and meet several interesting players in industry, academia and government. CLOSER gives us an opportunity to find new ways to conduct collaboration and innovation, a success factor in the transition.





– Elisabeth Hörnfeldt, Innovation och projektledare hållbara transporter, Scania. 

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"It is immensely valuable for all types of stakeholders to come together, share insights about each other's challenges and solutions, and collectively find the best ways forward for transforming the transport sector. This is how we future-proof our operations. The innovation platform CLOSER facilitates these opportunities at a national level through its projects and discussion forums."

– Britt Karlsson Green, Strategist, Region Skåne - development & innovation

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We believe in:

  • Explore needs and problems
  • Gather insights that lead to ideas grounded in those needs
  • Test these ideas on a smaller scale to develop solutions
  • After testing, we demonstrate the solutions
  • Once demonstrated, we evaluate and gather further insights

    With curiosity, we collaborate with our partners to explore how we can optimize the freight transport system, gathering precise insights and solutions along the way.

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Our results go beyond technical specifications 

We take a holistic view, emphasizing:

  • Technology & processes
  • Business models & procurement
  • Policies & legal frameworks
  • Behaviors & values
  • Infrastructure investments

This approach nurtures new innovations that address problems and needs, ultimately streamlining the freight transport system.

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As a partner you get: 

  • support and understanding to face challenges
  • insights from innovation projects
  • several discussion forums
  • opportunities and tools to innovate together with our network

Are you ready to get involved and create value for both your organization and society?

Get in touch with Kristoffer Skjutare or Anna Kristiansson, who are program managers for CLOSER. Your application is presented to our external steering group, which makes the formal decision regarding your application.

The partnership is free of charge, you and your organization contribute time. The more you engage, the more you will get out.

Kristoffer Skjutare

Kristoffer Skjutare

Programme Manager - Programe development & steering
Anna Kristiansson

Anna Kristiansson

Programme Manager - Portfolio & partner networks
CLOSER - människor som pratar

Who are we who work at CLOSER?

We are specialists in running projects. We are really good at putting together the right team and leading projects so that together we can have a society on human terms.