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Dispensed construction transport

betongbil fyller på med betong

The demonstration Dispensed construction transport took place on Södermalm in Stockholm, where a concrete truck was given a dispensation to drive with a heavier weight than what is normally allowed and thus make it possible to load more concrete into the tank.

Instrumentpanel på bil visar att hastighetsbegränsning satts på bilen

What are the results?

With heavier loads, fewer trips to and from construction sites are needed, reducing the total number of heavy mass transports within the city. The counterclaim in the dispensation was that the vehicle maintained a low speed, which was ensured by automatic speed regulation of the vehicle using geofencing in the areas where the dispensation applied. The smart zone has, just like in the other cases, worked well. The challenge to enable a scale-up is not about technical challenges but how the city can grant exemptions or otherwise allow heavier vehicles with divisible goods on the condition that they can guarantee a low speed. The vibration measurement carried out in connection with the demonstration shows that lower speed produces less vibration and thus reduces the risk of surrounding buildings being damaged by the heavier transports.

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Martin Svedin

Martin Svedin