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Delivery data from e-commerce

By making data on deliveries availible in the form of quantities transported, distributed over time and approximate location of recipients, the municipality gains improved insights into where there may be a need for interventions that need to be added or adapted in the physical environment.

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Sharing data linked to deliveries also opens up other possibilities. Therefore, the project will investigate the potential for how delivery data can be used for, for example, pooling. Sharing delivery data is a prerequisite for understanding which goods are transported and how the transports are carried out. This understanding is the basis for understanding how goods can be consolidated and co-distributed and what capacity this requires both in terms of logistics properties, handling and transport capabilities.

Data/Platform: nShift
Time period: autumn 2021 - spring 2022

Funding: Vinnova (Logistikdatalabbet), Drive Sweden
Partners: nShift, Ikea, Stockholm stad, Göteborg stad, Helsingborg stad, HM, Nowaste, Relog, CLOSER
Contact: Felicia Hökars,

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