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  • Kristoffer Skjutare
    Program Manager
  • Clara Wallin
    Deputy Program Manager
  • Vanja Carlén
    Project Manager
  • Nicklas Blidberg
    Program Manager Triple F
    Energy supply & Logistics, Railway, Shift2Rail
  • Thomas Asp
    Project Manager
    HCT (High Capacity Transport), which includes connected vehicles, logistics solutions, system power
  • Jonas Eriksson
    Project Manager
    Rail, terminals, connected & digitized logistics
  • Andreas Josefsson
    Project Manager
    Energy supply & Logistics, Urban mobility
  • Anders Forsberg
    Project Manager
    Urban mobility, city logistics, smart city, urban development, sustainable freight and transport
  • Lisa Almhage
    Program Coordinator
  • Josephine Darlington
    Project Manager
    Urban mobility, Geofencing
  • Anna Björkman
    Project Manager
    Railroad, terminals & connected and digitized logistics.
  • Maria Oscott
    Project Manager
    Fossil-free goods transport system, Urban freight transport, urban development
  • Anna Kristiansson
    Project Manager
  • Rodrigue Al Fahel
    Rodrigue Al Fahel
    Project Manager
    Geofencing, MIMIC.
  • Ted Kruse
    Ted Kruse
    Project Manager
    Connected & digitized logistics
  • Dino
    Dino Keljalic
    Project Manager
  • Hannes Lindkvist
    Project Manager (Leave of absence)
    Geofencing, Terminals & Automation
  • Lars Göran Rosengren
    Senior Advisor
  • Claes Tullin
    Senior Advisor
  • Caroline Karlsson
    Communications officer CLOSER
  • Nikita Zaiko.
    Nikita Zaiko
    Project Manager
  • Therese Holm
    Communications Officer