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Project for sustainable urban freight transport

Sendsmart is a project that will create sustainable freight transports in urban areas. The innovative and sustainable solutions will reduce the transports’ impact on climate, noise levels and the health of those living in the city. The result is a more attractive and competitive city.

A major challenge in the Sendsmart project is to find both technical solutions for the transport as well as soft solutions that focus on cooperation between different actors. The goal is to create logistic solutions that are commercially viable.

Collaborative project in Lindholmen Science Park

CLOSER, the national area for transport efficiency within Lindholmen Science Park, leads the Sendsmart project. Sendsmart is a collaborative project with participants from industry, academia and society. It is partly financed by Vinnova, with a total budget of 18 million SEK. Vinnova finance half and the 17 participating partners contribute the same amount. The project is conducted in close collaboration with Go:smart, a project that develops tomorrow’s travel services. Another priority in the project concerns the synchronisation and integration of the solutions in the current and upcoming city planning and infrastructure development process.

Time frame

Start 09/2012
End 09/2014

Project partners

  • Lindholmen Science Park
  • Trafikkontoret
  • AB Volvo
  • Renova
  • Schenker Consulting
  • Chalmers
  • Business Region Göteborg
  • Fraktkedjan
  • Svevia
  • The Swedish transport of Administration
  • Göteborgs Lastbilscentral
  • Älvstranden Utveckling
  • Innerstaden Göteborg
  • Mistra Urban Futures
  • Tyréns
  • NCC
  • Peab

Demonstration project within Sendsmart

Sendsmart will run demonstrations project in three key areas:

  • Goods distribution
  • Building & construction deliveries
  • Waste management & Recycling

In addition the project will work with evaluation, visualization and marketing with a holistic approach to the three key areas.

Goods distribution

The sub project Goods distribution focuses on demonstrating the feasibility of creating transport solutions for sustainable growth that can demonstrate clear long-term commercial benefits to multiple parties in the transport system in an urban environment. The perspective is effective transport taking urban prerequisites into consideration. 

Construction work

Transportation of surplus material generates a comprehensive traffic and transports. A collective platform for trading and exchanging those surplus materials would be a major improvement compared to the current solution. A marketplace for surplus material can also be used by authorities to estimate the mass balances.

Waste management and recycling

Waste and recycling transport is of interest because of the regularity in transports, which in turn holds great potential for improvement and optimization. We develop, test and evaluate new and innovative solutions for a greener and more cost efficient retrieval of waste.


Evaluation will be done continuously throughout the project. The idea is that the evaluation will assist the individual field tests and implementations of solutions in the project. In the evaluation we will also investigate how the project can be linked to the future of travel services in the Go:smart project.

Visualization – a tool for Sendsmart

Visualization will be a natural part of the project to support the project’s participants in the development process and will increase the decision-makers’ understanding of the project. Visualization will also be used as a method and a tool for evaluation, generalization and further development of concepts. There are also opportunities to use visualization techniques in the marketing of Sendsmart nationally and internationally. Visual Arena Lindholmen will form the basis for the visualization part of the project.