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Innovative travel services for sustainable travelling in urban areas

The projekt Go:smart is developing and testing an innovative travel broker service that facilitate and reward sustainable travelling in urban areas. The budget is 20 million SEK over two years, with 10 million SEK financed by Vinnova and 10 million SEK by the participating parties.

Go:smart is developing and testing an innovative service that facilitates and rewards sustainable travel in urban environments. Our vision is “City households choose access to mobility instead of owning a car as customers of a reliable, flexible, rewarding and global service. A number of cities around the world will hereby become greener, safer, and more attractive." More information at

The strength is in the collaboration

Go:smart is a collaborative project with participants from academia, business and society. Approximately one hundred households will test the innovative service in 2013.

Time frame

Start 01/08/2012
End 30/09/2014

Project partners

  • Lindholmen Science Park
  • Chalmers
  • Mistra Urban Future
  • Volvo IT/Commute Greener
  • Volvo Bussa
  • Västtrafik AB
  • Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Region Västra Götaland
  • The Swedish transport of Administration
  • The City of Gothenburg
  • Move About
  • Payex Finance
  • Tyréns
  • Arby Kommunikation
  • Vinnova

Go:smart consists of several different sub-projects

The Go:smart project contains several sub-projects that together develop opportunities to introduce an innovative service for sustainable mobility in urban environments.

The Seamless Traveller

The sub-project The Seamless Traveller aims to bridge the gap between private and public transport by a commercial operator - a travel broker of daily trips tailoring offers of daily travel in a form appropriate to the individual's needs. The offer includes public transportation, taxi, electric car pool, bike rental pool and other electric vehicles.

Project Manager: Per-Erik Holmberg, Viktoria Institute

The Rewarded Traveller

The sub-project The Rewarded Traveller focuses on smart ways to reward sustainable transport choices by giving points for each transport km with a sustainable alternative, points that can be used to pay for other goods and services.

Project Manager: Magnus Kuschel, Volvo IT / Commute Greener!

The Electrified Traveller

The sub-project The Electrified Traveller focuses on electro mobility and the technological shift towards electric and hybrid power and how it can contribute to an attractive public transport and sustainable urban development.

Project Manager: Annika Strömdahl, Volvo Technology

The Virtual Traveller

The sub-project The Virtual Traveller contains visualization and simulation in order to support the customer involvement in the design process of new solutions, as well as evaluation and analysis of the project results. The visualization is implemented at the Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park.

Project Manager: Monica Billger, Chalmers

Living Lab

A Living Lab means that the different sub-projects in Go:Smart will be integrated into one travel broker service that is implemented in a field test, a Living Lab, which is characterized by open innovation and active participation. The Living Lab is where the business model meets the real customer.

Project Manager: Lena Nilsson, Lindholmen Science Park

Evaluation and analysis

The final sub-project focuses on the detailed project planning, data collection to support the iterative design process and analysis of the project. The analysis compares the project's vision with its results. The results will then be the basis for developing a full scale business model for the continuation of the Go:smart project.

Project Manager: MariAnne Karlsson, Chalmers University of Technology