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The future challenges in the transport sector are complex and require collaboration of a completely new type. While developments are rapid, enormous efficiency enhancement opportunities are being created using new technology and fuels, digitization and new business models. 

CLOSER is a neutral platform that gathers actors from the business community, industry, universities and institutes, cities, regions and government agencies to establish collaboration and projects that lead to enhanced transport efficiency. 

Together with our partners, we identify needs and ideas among companies and agencies that could lead to demonstration projects and, in the long term, implementation in reality. This enables new, innovative products and solutions that help the transport industry and contribute to new solutions for the goods transport system, which is to supply a sustainable society. We also contribute to research benefiting companies and society. 

By transport efficiency, we mean: as efficient transports and logistics as possible based on the perspective of resources, energy, environment and economy, to achieve increased sustainability, growth and competitiveness.

We want to broaden the partnership within CLOSER and bring in actors from all over the country so that we can create activities and projects around Sweden.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, read more here

Chairman of the board

  • Bo Hallams, Steerlink

For more information please contact:

  • Kristoffer Skjutare
    Program Manager
  • Lisa Almhage
    Program Coordinator