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Multimodal information sharing

Logistics stakeholders face challenges as they endeavour to secure and improve supply chain efficiency. Lack of transparency and reliability are two such challenges which can lead to questions about where  cargo is located, how it is handled during transportation and whether it will arrive on time and in the right condition. For transport operators, this situation has created a need for better partnerships between stakeholders, the goal of which would be to reduce or eliminate these uncertainties in supply-chain planning and execution.


  • To identify where shortage in the feed of informatin can arise, giving cause for uncertainty and resulting in reduced supply chain efficiency
  • Digitalising information
  • Sharing information with a broader group of supply-chain stakeholders, instead of only with those you already work with closely
  • Creating effective conditions for secure information sharing
  • The exchange of information must not require new formats and standards


  • Testing and  demonstration of  a communications platform using semantic technology and linked data
    Connecting Sandvik, Geodis and RoadCargo for communication via "the Internet of Logistics"
  • Investigation and evaluation of alternative/additional data sources
    What other data sources, which are not currently included in supply-chains, are available with a view to increase the transperancy and reliability of in-transit shipments? Port and maritime traffic data etc.
  • Organisation, management and security
    In a future implementation, how would we be able to ensure that information can be transmitted securely, and that the system is developed further and, not least, maintained? Questions about independence, development and, not least, options for upscaling.

Project information - Phase 2

  • Time frame: December 2018 - February 2020
  • Budget: SEK 3.75 million (of which 50 % is financed via VINNOVA)
  • Partners: Sandvik, Geodis, Ericsson, Trafikverket, Sjöfartsverket, RISE and CLOSER
  • Project manager: Kristoffer Skjutare, CLOSER

The project is financed by Vinnova.

Do you want to know more about multimodal information sharing?

  • Kristoffer Skjutare
    Project Manager
    Intermodal transport, maritime systems, terminals, information supply and information sharing