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Horizontal Cooperation

The transportation and logistics industry has much to gain through better collaboration. More efficient sharing of resources through horizontal cooperation can enable a more efficient use of resources.

This focus area studies and demonstrates the benefits of horizontal cooperation, meaning that players at the same level in the supply chain are able to collaborate with one another. 

The focus area centers on how organizations can collaborate to a greater degree in order to make more efficient use of available resources. Major savings can be made through innovative business models, joint utilization of available logistics and transportation capacity and the sharing of knowledge and technological development, thereby benefiting both individual companies and society as a whole.

Horizontal cooperation is aimed at studying and creating knowledge concerning what is permitted organizationally, technically and — in particular — in terms of rules and regulations when organizations collaborate. This is done through a combination of preliminary studies and demonstration projects, examples of which include the transportation collaboration between ICA and SSAB, the CO3 project and CLOSER Starfish.

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  • Kristoffer Skjutare
    Project Manager
    Intermodal transport, maritime systems, terminals, information supply and information sharing