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Treff 15 in collaboration with Örebro

The Transport Efficiency Day (Treff) brings together researchers and representatives of the industry and public sector to discuss the most important issues regarding logistics and transport. This year’s conference will be held on August 27 in collaboration with Region Örebro County. Fabian Ilgner, Development Manager at Region Örebro County explains why they chose to become involved in the conference.

Why is Region Örebro County involved in organizing this year’s Treff?


“The logistics industry is strong in the Örebro region; many companies have their distribution centers for Sweden and all of Northern Europe located here, says Fabrian Ilgner, Development Manager at Region Örebro County. “Recently, Region Örebro County has, on numerous occasions, been contacted by the industry and asked whether it would be possible to learn about global trends and challenges in the logistics sector. Since Treff offers the latest in transport efficiency, we felt it would be perfect if Treff was held in Örebro this year.” 

What are the most important issues currently in the field of transport?

“Viewing sustainability in its entirety. It is important to recognize the ecological, economic and social aspects in transport solutions. Accordingly, good cooperation between the private and public sectors is key. Here in the Örebro region, together with 22 companies, we have been successful in our project on the development of greener logistics services in which we have emphasized the economic potential gained by companies when they invest in greener cargo transport. However, the social aspects are also highly relevant, for example, in cabotage issues. It is not easy, but it involves recognizing all the effects of driving changes. It must go forward and this must happen sustainably!”

Region Örebro County is also a partner in Closer. How has this impacted your transport work? 

“By being a partner in Closer, we gained access to the most recent developments in the transport sector. We have learned a great deal about High Capacity Transport, HTC, and this has resulted in, for example, a company in the Örebro region submitting an application for an HCT permit for a certain distance. We now have a better understanding of how transport corridors work and the opportunities that are available to create more attractive cities with appropriate logistics planning for cities. Organizing Treff in Örebro will also provide an opportunity for the industry in the Örebro region to benefit from the most recent logistics research from throughout the country.”  

Treff is an annual conference organized by Northern LEAD at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, together with Closer at Lindholmen Science Park. This year, the conference will be held in Örebro in collaboration with Region Örebro County. 

More information about Treff (in Swedish)