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Transport efficiency on top of the agenda for the business community

More than 200 participants gathered on the 25th of August at Lindholmen Science Park, as the ‘Transport Efficiency Day’ took place, arranged by Closer and Northern LEAD. Leading reseachers and business profiles engaged the audience with trend studies, innovations and sustainable solutions within the area of transport. Lena Erixon, Director General of the Swedish Transport Administration, described which challenges lie ahead of us.
Lena Erixon, Director General of the Swedish Transport Administration

Transport efficiency is key when it comes to solving the challenges we are facing in the future. A smarter infrastructure, higher capacity and better logistics are needed, and through cooperation between industry and academy, development can accelerate.

As the fifth edition of the event took off, it was clear that the business community puts these topics on top of the agenda; 60% of the attendants were business representatives.

Amongst the speakers on site were Lauri Ojala, Professor and Chair of Logistics at the Turku School of Economics, Gina Chung, Head of Trend research at DHL, Jonas Eliasson, Director, City of Stockholm Traffic Administration and Kristian Hamberger, Founder and Head of Logistics,

-At we constantly strive to make logistics more efficient, optimize our quantities, at the same time as we would like to convey the message that joint deliveries to our customers are better for the environment, instead of everyone going by themselves to the shop, said Kristian Hemberger.

According to Lena Erixon, The Swedish Transport Administration is working actively both with today’s challenges by improving technologies, products and services, but also through an active outlook on the future; what is needed in an accessible, sustainable and viable society.

-All sorts of transports must become more efficient. The development within automation, electrification and digitalizing, but also sharing economy and circular economy will within not too long make a footprint in a sustainable transport system, Lena Erixon pointed out.
New solutions within the area of transports were highlighted during the Innovation-competition in the afternoon. The first prize and winners’ cheque went to Anders Gilberg och Christoffer and their company D-Rail, which focuses on ’Infrastructure monitoring’.

Many questions were addressed during the panel discussions and all participants at the event could interact during the day via the TREFF-app, by voting, comment or give feed-back. Sustainability and to better utilize limited resources were the key-words as the Transport Efficiency Day was summarized.