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Speeders in Stockholm to be stopped with geofencing

In NyTeknik you can read about how the city of Stockholm will be making it impossible to speed with the municipality’s own fleet of vehicles within two years. Daniel Helldén, Traffic Commissioner for the Swedish Green Party, wants all vehicles in the inner city to eventually be forced to be subject to geofencing technology, a programme run jointly by CLOSER and the Swedish Transport Administration.
Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

When Stockholm’s ruling politicians presented their budget for 2020 geofencing was part of their plans, with SEK 1.5 million being earmarked to start geofencing for the city’s own fleet of vehicles. Geofencing means that the characteristics of vehicles, in this case their speed, can be influenced within certain designated areas to ensure improved road safety. Full-scale implementation requires many different stages of development and collaboration, which is the aim of the geofencing research and innovation programme that is being project-managed by CLOSER and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Stockholm City’s fleet totals some 900 vehicles, which are replaced on a rolling basis after 7 years or 120,000 km. About 100-150 vehicles are replaced every year. Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) has been tested before and often had flaws in relation to the actual speed limit. Electronic driving logs are now being used to monitor speed levels. All new vehicles are to be electric, charging hybrids and handle at least 35 km of electricity or gas according to the bonus in bonus/malus arrangement. The city’s fleet managers are now trying to get a handle on what is available to buy in the market in order to work towards the budget goal,” explains Robin Billsjö, Freight Strategist at The Traffic Administration Office at the City of Stockholm. Robin also represents the City of Stockholm in the Geofencing programme. 

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