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Sesam Enables Delivery to your Car, Your Storage Unit or even to Your Refrigerator

The freight transport work in Sweden is expected to increase, resulting in more deliveries to end consumers. At the same time, sellers of goods and customers both want smooth transport solutions. As a result, Sesam II has focussed on contributing to a more effective supply chain and improved service level with more logistics arrangements adapted to the customer.
Photo: DB Schenker

The service and industry standard for access to digital locks that was developed in the project establishes conditions for cargo recipients to give access to the carrier so that they can open up locked spaces and deliver the goods even if the recipient is not there to receive them.

The project goal for SESAM II has been to investigate legal and commercial issues in order to be able to gain a more complete picture of how a standard for digital locks can be introduced and handled. With the help of newly connected and smart locks, logistics companies gain access to locked spaces on delivery. This facilitates cargo transport during the day, but also enables secure cargo delivery at night, which contributes to shorter driving times and reduced cargo movement.


-"The development is proceeding swiftly within many areas that will affect us tomorrow. Demands on increased flexibility and convenience with "last mile" logistics must be satisfied while infrastructure and vehicle fleets must be used more effectively. The SESAM project has been a burning point of sorts between these areas and through our project collaboration, we have seen that a coordinated interface and standard for access to digital locks can play an important role in logistics development," says Andreas Thieme, project manager for Sesam II, CLOSER.

Project partners Postnord Sverige AB, Posten Norge AS, Schenker AB and CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park
Financing: The project has been financed with support from Vinnova, as a development track from the cargo initiative within the 'Next generations travel and transport, effective, sustainable and connected logistics systems'