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Safe and secure deliveries direct to your door

As the corona outbreak progresses, increasingly more people are choosing to order food and pharmaceutical products online, which has entailed a substantial increase in e-commerce. "People are staying at home and avoiding social interaction. With new delivery solutions, residents in a building receive their goods delivered directly to their home without meeting a single person or visiting a service point," says Roland Elander of Sustainable Innovation.

The growth within e-commerce indicates a general upward trend that will change conditions for retailers and urban planners alike.
- "We see a major need for better solutions for home deliveries. A lot of people don't want to queue at a service point or adjust their schedules to delivery times at which they have to be at home. This needs to be solved by new and modern infrastructure," says Roland Elander, Head of Business Development at Sustainable Innovation.

Properties with full service
Post and parcel boxes are already in place in office buildings, railway stations and other public locations. The next step is to provide delivery solutions in individual buildings or delivery hubs within smaller areas in order to facilitate everyday life. DenCity is a project in which several parties work together on Sustainable Innovation in order to create solutions for full-service properties where residents can easily receive, send or share goods with a high level of safety and security that meets today's requirements. In addition to smaller shipments, refrigerated goods and bulky items, such as furniture and appliances must also be handled. One of the properties where the solution may be ready for implementation is Karlatornet in Gothenburg. It is the tallest building in Scandinavia, with more than 600 flats.

Collaboration for safe and secure deliveries
There is a great deal of interest in well-functioning post box solutions with digital locks and personal identification. And the technology is available. What is missing and currently in development are scalable business models that suit all of the parties involved, from the purchase of goods until the time of delivery. The online shop, logistics company, property owner and post box delivery service. For this reason, key players such as DB SchenkerPostnordSvensk Digital HandelRiksbyggenKarlastaden UtvecklingRenz and Ericsson in DenCity-projectDB Schenker, Postnord, Svensk Digital Handel, Riksbyggen, Karlastaden Utveckling, Renz and Ericsson are participating in the DenCity project in order to develop a working method.
- "Now we need to speed up the work. In the future we will see a change in behaviour where deliveries have to function differently and more smoothly, where personal meetings can also be avoided if desired," says Roland Elander.

Facts – DenCity – Full-service property
DenCity is a collaboration between industry, academics and society where solutions for sustainable transportation of people and goods are developed and tested. The project is managed by CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. There are 23 organisations involved in the part of the project that develops full-service properties. AmidoBringCityMailCLOSER vid Lindholmen Science ParkDB SchenkerDHLEricssonFramtidenFreelwayGöteborgs Stad TrafikkontoretGöteborgs UniversitetHBVKarlastaden UtvecklingPostNordRegion Jönköpings länRenzRiksbyggenSustainable InnovationSvensk Digital HandelSödra Munksjön Utvecklings ABUrban Services och Älvstranden Utveckling. The project is financed by VINNOVA and co-financed by Västra GötalandsregionenTrafikverket and other participating partners.