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Project manager at CLOSER goes on to get a PhD

After four years at CLOSER, project manager Hannes Lindkvist temporarily ends his journey on the program. He started in the fall of 2016 as an intern and has since led many exciting projects in geofencing, terminals and automation. Hw will now study for his PhD at Chalmers, and we managed to get a chat with him before he left.


We thank Hannes for his amazing efforts and have asked him some questions before taking the next step in his career.


What has been the best thing about working at CLOSER?
- In addition to fantastic colleagues and an inspiring work environment, it is to constantly be at the center of where it happens. Being able to work close to the epicenter of the development of the future transport system and being able to participate in a context where this is discussed and worked with has been very developing and educational, which I will also be able to take with me to my PhD studies.


What do you look forward to during your PhD studies?
- To continue to immerse myself in areas that I have worked with within CLOSER, such as geofencing and how business and collaboration models can be designed for implementation. At the same time, I look forward to being able to teach and be able to include real examples of the development towards a more sustainable transport system into it.


May we see more of you in these contexts in the future?​
- I am absolutely convinced of that. I will be researching the field of geofencing so in that forum I will be involved in some way in the future. Then of course I will also join the doctoral network run by Claes Tullin and show up at TREFF and other events organized by CLOSER. Then it is far ahead in time, but can also be that I come back to Lindholmen in five years when I obtained my doctorate.

We wish you the best of luck, Hannes!