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New Project Manager focused on sustainability

Since November 12, Andreas Josefsson has been the new Project Manager at CLOSER, where he is initially working with energy supply and logistics. Here, Andreas shares his thoughts on which challenges we face in phasing out fossil fuels and what he will contribute to CLOSER.

Andreas began his career at CLOSER when he wrote his master’s thesis in Supply Chain Management at Chalmers, and has since worked at both Volvo and Accenture Strategy before returning to CLOSER.

What work will you be conducting at CLOSER?
“Initially, I’ll be concentrating on CLOSER’s focus area for sustainable energy supply, more specifically a demonstration project for liquid biogas (LBG). In the project, we’ll analyze the demonstrators based on the environmental impact of the entire chain, total cost and how LBG affects the logistics set-up, with the goal of creating a unique system-level understanding of how an LBG system works for heavy vehicles.”

What is your background?
“Most recently, I was employed at Volvo Cars, where I worked on a number of different projects in digitalization, analytics and logistics procurement. Before that, I worked for over two years as a management consultant at Accenture Strategy, where I focused on projects related to organizational change, sustainability and purchasing. I have a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from Chalmers University of Technology and in 2013, I wrote my thesis at CLOSER, so now the circle is complete.”

What major challenges do you see moving forward?
“We’re all facing a gigantic challenge in phasing out the fossil fuel energy supply and switching to renewable alternatives, especially within the transport sector. I’m very personally engaged in these issues and want my work at CLOSER to increase our collective knowledge so that the right decisions for achieving a sustainable society can be made. The least we can do is as much as possible, to quote Pär Holmgren.”