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New Project Manager with Focus on EU Project

Anna Björkman became the new project manager at CLOSER on September 1. Her work areas are primarily within EU projects focussed on railway, terminals and connected and digitalised logistics.

Anna is a trained civil engineer and lecturer at KTH specialising in energy and the environment. Since knowledge within technology is integrated with teaching, Anna hopes to be able to take advantage of her expertise in upcoming projects at CLOSER.

Anna will work primarily with various EU projects focussed on railway. These include several projects within the scope of the Shift2Rail initiative, which is the first European railway initiative that takes a holistic approach to railway in Europe. Shift2rail is part of Horizon2020, an endeavour to boost the European railway industry's competitiveness by developing the railway system with innovative solutions in order to meet future demand. Anna's work thus far has been focussed primarily on the FR8HUB project, which emphasises increasing the effectiveness in hubs and terminals in the railway system and developing future cargo trains. She looks forward to learning more about EU projects and developing her skill in leading them. 

In addition to EU projects, Anna will participate in the Fossil Free Freight Challenge, which is an innovation competition that will start up this autumn. We hope to use this competition to develop solutions that promote environmentally-friendly shipments and returns within E-commerce.

Keep a look out for calls for participants if this is something that interests you.