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New Project Manager with an eye on tomorrow’s challenges

Based in Stockholm, Jonas Eriksson has been the new Project leader at CLOSER since October. He has a background with Scania, PostNord and Jernhusen, and here are some of Jonas’s thoughts on the challenges facing the transport industry and even CLOSER.

What work will you be conducting at CLOSER?
“Railroad (Shift2Rail), terminal projects and efforts to connect and digitalize logistics, to start with.

What is your background?
“My background is from the automotive industry, where I worked at Scania for ten years, with everything from production and development to line management. Then I was at Jernhusen for three years and worked with setting up and developing depots for railway vehicles. My latest workplace was PostNord Group, where I developed transportation and vehicles with a focus on digitalization.

What major challenges do you see in the future?
“I see challenges in terms of the speed and scope of the changes that we are currently facing.

For example: Energy consumption in vehicles, how do we phase out fossil fuels to make them sustainable? And what is a sustainable energy system for vehicles? Self-driving and autonomous vehicles, how will they integrate with the existing fleet? What will the driver’s role be in the future? But also the digitalization of the transport sector, how will data be shared, to who and at what price?”