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New OECD report: HCT - efficient, safe and sustainable road freight

The report (High Capacity Transport Towards Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Road Freight) from the work within the ITF/OECD's work group for HCT was published on 2 May. The project was initiated in 2015 via Sweden and the HCT programme. Jerker Sjögren, previously programme manager for CLOSER, served as chair and Thomas Asp served as a Swedish representative in the management and work group.

The report investigates which effects the implementation of HCT will have on markets for freight transport by road, modal shift, infrastructure and safety. It investigates how suitable control together with ITS measures can be applied to relieve restrictions relating to weight and dimensions and permit the use of such vehicles in specific geographic areas or on specific routes. An important part has been development of a 'Package for policy makers' for how to use ITS together with performance-based standards in order to better utilised the vehicle - infrastructure combination.