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More attractive cities through smarter transports

The new DenCity project aims to find innovative solutions and services to reduce overcrowding and environmental impact, and increase the quality of life for residents and workers in densely populated city districts. The key will be to involve the general public in designing the solutions. Stockholm and Gothenburg will be the test locations for the new transport solutions of the future.

“These are the solutions and services that will be tested in reality, since we need feedback from those who will actually be using them,” explains Lina Olsson, Project Manager for DenCity at CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park. “For example, what types of services will be required to perform daily routines without owning a vehicle? Perhaps a new e-commerce service, which coordinates joint deliveries of packages and groceries. Or providing access to a collective transportation service with, for example, an electric bicycle and car pool through your property owner.” 

Local authorities are facing major challenges concerning the concentration and development of cities. Taking into account sustainability, energy efficiency, reduced overcrowding and noise, as well as a vibrant city environment is to be matched with the service and delivery requirements from residents and workers. The project has already identified a couple of possible solutions. It should be possible to replace five delivery trucks and at least two garbage trucks per day by transporting goods and waste via waterways. Electrically driven goods vehicles will allow for silent and exhaust-free deliveries, which can be conducted at night. This means fewer trucks and more space for residents in the daytime.

“With smart and sustainable transportation, we will also be able to build smarter cities that are more attractive to live and move about in. The project is unique since it takes an overall approach to the transport of people and goods. We are examining a new type of travel service that may be an alternative to car ownership. This also includes solutions for home delivery of goods. Where and when you want to collect your package, leave your waste or borrow an electric cargo bike,” says Lina Olsson.

The project is led by CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park and is a collaboration between 18 stakeholders from the business sector, academia, institutes and municipalities. Lindholmen Science Park has experience of similar projects, such as ElectriCity, Elmob, Drive Sweden, Sendsmart and Go:smart. In the latter project, one of the results was an innovative travel service that provided households with a flexible subscription for all types of travel and thus reduced car travel for the household.

“We are bringing with us knowledge from previous projects about electrical vehicles, shared transport solutions, goods transportation and autonomous vehicles in this venture. In this way, the efforts will complement each other,” says Niklas Wahlberg, CEO of Lindholmen Science Park.

Facts – DenCity

DenCity is a collaborative project between the business sector, academia and society, and will continue between December 1, 2015 and January 25, 2018. The project is led by the national arena for the collaboration in transport efficiency, CLOSER, at Lindholmen Science Park. The venture comprises approximately SEK 20 million, of which half will be financed by Sweden’s innovation agency, VINNOVA, and the remaining portion by the participating partners.

Organizations participating in the project: Baghitch, Chalmers University of Technology, the Gothenburg School of Economics and Business Administration, Coop Logistik, Ericsson, the City of Gothenburg: City Planning Administration, the Traffic Administration Office, Kretslopp och Vatten, Göteborgs Stads Parkeringsbolag AB, Göteborgs Frihamn AB, CLOSER at Lindholmen Science Park, Postnord Sweden, SSPA Sweden, Schenker AB, Sustainable Innovation i Sverige, Svensk Distanshandel, Viktoria Swedish ICT, Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Region Västra Götaland and Älvstranden Utveckling.

For more information, please contact: Lina Olsson, Project Manager for DenCity at CLOSER, Lindholmen Science Park, + 46 (0)31-764 70 43.