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MIMIC - With sights set on sustainable construction logistics

The aim with the MIMIC project is to demonstrate how the concept of SMART Governance can be used as a tool for construction and urban planning. It can also facilitate and help logistics on the way to and from, as well as on construction sites in dense cities in order to improve mobility, reduces traffic congestion and thus decrease the construction sites' negative effects on the surround society.

Lovisa Westblom, Project Manager and Coordinator, explains more about the project:

MIMIC has its origin in the CIVIC project. What important results were the basis for continuation of the MIMIC project?
'Historically, construction logistics has not been a prioritised area within construction and urban planning processes. During the CIVIC project, several players within construction and urban planning demonstrated a strong interest in the tools and concepts that were developed in the project, as well as an increased interest in construction logistics. This is the greatest reason that we continue to develop these tools and concepts and increase knowledge about sustainable construction logistics in the MIMIC project.'

How would you describe what the project will result in?
'During the MIMIC project, we will develop and implement a supporting platform for procurement processes and sustainable urban development through a "SMART Governance" concept* which provides tools in order to organise construction logistics in a city or project within a collaboration. In MIMIC, process tools will also be developed in order to increase knowledge about construction site logistics in order to assess and evaluate how construction logistics solutions affect various interested parties.'

There are several different collaborative partners throughout Europe. Who are they and how will the different cities contribute to the project?
'All tools and concepts will be developed and tested in collaboration in four demonstration cities or regions: Brussels, Vienna, Oslo and Stockholm/Gothenburg.'

  • In Vienna, the MIMIC solutions will be used to evaluated how mobile telephone-based movement data provided by mobile network provider T-Mobile can be used to monitor how the city's construction sites affect the city traffic. The SMART governance concept will be tested in collaboration with Bernard Engineers and focus on construction projects in Vienna. Information about large construction projects will be provided by Wiener Linien GmbH.
  • In Brussels, the MIMIC solutions will facilitate implementation of new logistics scenarios and integration of requirements for construction logistics in (public) tendering and procurement processes (Smart Governance Concept). The suitability of the framework for sustainability analysis will be tested at a construction consolidation centre located in Brussels harbour together with several interested parties, including Brussels harbour (pubic authority), Knauf (construction materials supplier), Valens (contractor) and Shipit (shipping company). 
  • In Oslo, the MIMIC solutions will be used by the municipality on a local level in order to test the suitability of the methods and solutions in order to reduce the negative effects of construction activities. The focus will be on improving transport logistics and implementation of Smart Governance. The demonstration will be carried out in collaboration with HENT, one of Norway's largest contractors. The demonstration will take place at a 14,300 square metre nursing home which will be under construction from Q2 2019 to Q3 2020 in Oslo. 
  • In Sweden, the MIMIC solutions will be tested by public authorities in Sollentuna, Stockholm, the Swedish Transport Administration and in the publicly owned real estate company Älvstranden in Gothenburg. The focus will be on how to become more active as a developer and to incorporate construction logistics problems during the planning process by integrating construction logistics requirements in (public) tendering and procurement processes (Smart Governance Concept) and increased involvement from interested parties. One of the largest suppliers of construction material, Ahlsell, the contractor Skanska and construction logistics company FM Byggnadsdrift will give input on the solutions from a construction supply chain and construction administration perspective.

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