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Innovation competition for sustainable e-commerce

With innovation and a high level of ambition, we can change Sweden's e-commerce. "This is an innovation competition with five good ideas that will all be able to contribute to a more sustainable e-commerce system," says Patrik Klintbom, chairman of the jury panel for Fossil Free Freight Challenge.

It is almost time for the finale of Fossil Free Freight Challenge, an innovation competition that challenges participants in the sector to develop ideas that will lead to more sustainable e-commerce.

Innovation competitions
Innovation competitions are an interesting approach to developing ideas, because patrik_webb_2_nyhet_0.jpginnovations are not  only an idea but also an open process for change.
- "An idea that may not be fully developed can turn into a very good innovation that makes a major difference," says Patrik Klintbom, Senior Researcher, RISE, Research Director Technology, Triple F who is also chairman of the Fossil Free Freight Challenge jury panel.

- "It's difficult to structure innovations because they are iterative and difficult to control, but solutions that would never have come to light can emerge in the process," continues Patrik Klintbom.

Reduced fossil footprint
Five organisations are competing in Fossil Free Freight Challenge to develop solutions that enable the smallest possible fossil footprint. 

In the process of developing a winning contribution, we in the jury have an open dialogue with the competitors throughout the competition. It's not a judged competition, but rather an innovation competition where we want to see all the contributions developed in an inclusive way. 

- "For example, since the start of the competition in January, there have been a number of workshops where the competitors have had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to us so that we can provide feedback," explains Patrik Klintbom. 

-"This has been a good group with good discussions. I think there is potential in all the proposals. Even if not everyone wins, they can all go further with their idea. Five creative teams with good and pertinent ideas," concludes Patrik Klintbom. 

On Monday, 4 May, the winner will be chosen from the competing teams, which includeGreencarrierAdnavemTyréns and Kvadrat. Don't miss the finale!