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How can longer vehicles be introduced in Sweden and what research is required

On 24 January, a major portion of the cargo transport sector gathered to participate in a workshop led by the national HCT programme under the project management of CLOSER. On 21 January of this year, Finland introduced a maximum length increased to 34.5 metres in comparison with Sweden's current limit of 25.25 metres, and thus the purpose of the workshop was to discuss relevant issues relating to how, when and whether longer vehicles can also be introduced in Sweden.

The following questions were asked in the workshop: 

  • How can longer vehicles also be introduced in Sweden?
  • How do we identify where in Sweden this is possible?
  • What types of testing with long vehicles are relevant for the various cargo transport operators?
  • What provides the most benefit?

The workshop was kicked off by workshop chair Bo Hallams and HCT Project Manager Thomas Asp at CLOSER, who explained the work that CLOSER has done within the national HCT programme.
Download the presentation here

Julia Brandt of the Swedish Transportation Authority followed by describing the government mandate 'Mandate to analyse if and where long lorries should be permitted on the Swedish roadway network'.
​Download the presentation here

Pär Ekström of the Swedish Transport Agency put the participants in a pilot scheme on how an application process for longer vehicles looks.
​Download the presentation here

Maria Nilsson-Öhman from DHL explained their view and perspective on longer vehicles and the possibilities which are created.
Download the presentation here

Lena Larsson from Volvo Trucks explained about long vehicles from a vehicle manufacturer's perspective.
Download the presentation here

Finally, Thomas Asp discussed research requirements within the logistics segment relating to HCT from the updated roadmap.
​Download the presentation here

The workshop revolved around the purpose above – with a focus on the questions 'Where and how should longer vehicles be introduced?' and 'What types of testing with longer vehicles are of particular interest and contributed with the most benefit?'.

'This is exactly the type of arena in which we need to meet in order to anchor the work within the national HCT programme and advance it for more testing with longer vehicles,' says Viktor Åkesson, head of the System Effects and Logistics work package within the HCT programme  

'It is also an exemplary way for several major players and interested parties to contribute to the government mandate relating to longer lorries in Sweden,' continues Åkesson.